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Kid Piling Blocks


Role Profiles are important to enable you to know what to expect of your volunteers, and for your volunteers to know what each role requires of them. In light of DBS checks, it easily allows you to highlight the roles which need a check, and what doesn't. It also helps you see what volunteers who hold many roles may need to ensure that they are safe, and others around them are too.

Below you will find district role profile templates. Please do download what you need for your churches:


Book of Remembrance Coordinator                                                    Musician

Bookings Secretary                                                                                Notices Coordinator

Church Council Member                                                                       Pastoral Group Secretary

Church Rota Coordinator                                                                      Pastoral Visitor

Church Council Secretary                                                                      Prayer Team Member

Church Gardener                                                                                   Property Steward

Coffee Shop- Lunch Club Assistant                                                      Publicity Coordinator

Communion Steward                                                                             Screen Operator

Cradle Roll Secretary                                                                             Social Media Coordinator

Door Steward                                                                                         SongPro Volunteer

Events Committee Volunteer                                                               Sound Operator

Flower Arranger                                                                                     Sunday Club Coordinator

House Group Leader                                                                             Traidcraft Seller

JMA Secretary                                                                                        Vestry Steward

Maintenance Volunteer                                                                         Website Administrator

Meeting Secretary                                                                                 Worship Band Coordinator

Below is a link to the Methodist Church Connexional website where you will find example role profile documents.  

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