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Social Justice


Methodists, now and in the past, have challenged injustice, worked for change and supported people experiencing injustices. Cornwall, infamous, for its stance on injustice over 200 years ago, through the influence of John Wesley, to abstain from sugar in tea, in response to and as a protest against the slave trade, continues today, to support those, for whom, justice appears to be lacking.

As the 21st Century Church in Britain faces new challenges – economic, ecological, political, social and those of declining membership – the time is right for a renewed and fresh focus on justice and what that may look like for our Churches and circuits, within local communities, towns and villages.


  • Our ways of doing justice involve bringing about change in the systems that hold problems in place. Beyond short term practical help, this can include action to change structures, to build relationships, and to transform understanding.

  • Our ways of being just enable us to be ‘at our best’ when seeking justice. They enable sustainable, transformative and rooted action for justice to develop in churches and communities, and keep our actions grounded in and guided by our faith.


Please use the resources and information contained here, to support and help you as you seek to promote justice within this county.  


For more information please contact 


Helen Pearce

Social Justice Co-ordinator

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Methodist Church     Mob 07450989571 


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