Environment and Climate Change Advocates (ECCA)

Terms of reference

The ECC Advocate should be keen on climate issues and need not be a member of the relevant Council.

District ECC Advocate to work with Circuit ECC Advocates. 

Circuit ECC Advocate to work with the ECC Advocate of each Church within the Circuit. 

Church ECC Advocate to work within their own Church.

We see the key duties of the ECC Advocate as:-

  1. Acting as an encourager to promote positive actions throughout the District/Circuit/Church. 

  2. Keeping Circuits and Churches abreast of new initiatives. 

  3. Answering queries from Churches and Circuits as they arise 

  4. Making recommendations to the Church/Circuit/District as to how positive actions may be implemented.

  5. Providing brief feedback on progress to relevant meeting and support the preparation of an annual report to the Spring Synod.

  6. Anything else considered relevant.

These terms of reference for Environment and Climate Change Advocates (ECCA) are based on:- https://www.methodist.org.uk/media/3250/co2-carbon-reduction-advocate-0611.pdf