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Cornwall Statistics

Please find the index of multiple deprivation website link which gives you information to compare deprivation levels in Cornwall across the UK picture:

Household deprivation map across Cornwall

Citizen Advice Housing Report

Cornwall’s Vital signs – an analysis of social need

  • A full-time worker earns less than 80% of the UK gross median annual salary.

  • In 2021 a full-time worker in Cornwall and IOS earned £20,628, 79% of the UK gross median annual salary (£38,552)

  • Part time work accounts for over 40% of jobs in Cornwall

  • 20.3% of Cornwall’s workforce is self-employed compared to 13.5% for the UK.  49% of self-employed people earn less that the minimum wage

  • The cost of heating an average Cornish home is around 20% higher than homes in England

  • Cornwall fuel poverty affects over 12.6%  32,367 homes)of all households, on the IOS its 11.7% (131 homes)

  • Cornwall and the IOS have the 3rd highest rate of suicide in the UK

  • There were 31 drug related deaths in 2021, the highest on record

  • Only 11% of housing stock in Cornwall is social housing (National average in UK is 18%)

  • 22,000 households are on the social housing waiting list

  • Cornwall council delivered the second highest number of affordable homes in the country in 2020/21 (814 build) but just 10 of those were available to rent from the council or housing association

  • The average house price in Cornwall (2022) was £302,121. (England £297,524)

  • Average asking rent in May 2022 was £1090 a month, a 31% increase from May 2019 (£829)

  • In Cornwall funding for education and non-statutory children’ social care is less, equating to over £14,000 less funding over the course of a child’s life from 0-18


For full research and  references please refer to document below Stats taken from Cornwall community foundation Vitals signs 2022 document:


Info collated by Helen Pearce Social Justice Co-ordinator 

Cornwall and IOS Methodist Circuit

For more info please contact 07450989571 /

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