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Praying Hands

Social Justice Ambassadors


In Cornwall, we now have a network of social justice ambassadors that work and pray across the county.  This group of people support those often on the fringes of society and work in a variety of ways linked to social justice.  This includes areas such as foodbanks, Christians against poverty, the homeless and warm spaces to name but a few.  

The main purpose of this network is to provide a prayer support for this vital work, share expertise and model good practice. My role is to support this network, with information, resources, training and

advice.  I have many links to leaders in organisations that support Social Justice and can often fast track answers to questions – or find out on your behalf.  The network is there to support those in this vital missional work and it may be something that you would like to be part of. 

If you are interested in joining this network, please contact me, Helen Pearce 07450989571 or

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