With the lifting of lockdown approaching the intention is to resume face to face training for the advanced safeguarding course as soon as is possible. Below you will find information with regards to who needs to attend what training and when. If you have any queries, please do contact the District Safeguarding Officer. 

Foundation Training

We were able to train approximately twenty people last year so that they could present foundation training within circuits as it is a circuit responsibility to present foundation training. We have been presenting foundation training online and it is hoped to continue this, but with a limited number of courses in the year; as the best way to deliver this training is face to face. 

Advanced Training

We have started to plan three dates for face to face advanced training, and it is hoped to arrange more as soon as is possible. The first three dates which are hoped to be in June and July, will be timed so as to avoid weekends when people may be taking advantage of a release from lockdown to visit family, or may have family visiting. I would hope to gather people from various circuits at these locations/dates in order to start addressing the backload. 

The online advanced course is being developed and will be tested out in the South West, as we did with the foundation training. Like the foundation training, there will be limited numbers available each year. 

How often should I do training?

There were changes last year in relation to the frequency that training is required:

  • There will no longer be refresher training

  • If you have only completed foundation training, then you will have to take the course every four years

  • If you have completed foundation and advanced training, then there will only be the need to retake the advanced training every four years from the date of first completion of the advanced training course

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