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Meet the team 

Revd Iris Bray

Minister in Saltash Circuit

I feel privileged to have lived all my life in the beautiful Cornish countryside. This combines with my Christian commitment to care for God’s creation for current and future generations. I believe the Spirit of God is speaking through the contemporary voice for action on the environment and climate change.

As an eco-church advocate, I aim to encourage and inspire others to recognize and celebrate that every eco-friendly decision and action makes a difference. It is my firm belief that as individuals we can do much, and together in Christ we can do even greater things.

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Patrick Reynolds

District Property Officer

As District Property Officer one of my roles is to support Managing Trustees in the planning and progress of property projects from refurbishments to new builds.


The climate impact and carbon emissions of all property projects are now essential considerations, and I am always available to advise on ways forward and provide links with professional advisers and contractors as required.


Over 10 years ago the Methodist Church took the lead in raising awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change, and it is vital that this work is continued and publicised as widely as possible. As Christians we are all stewards of God’s creation with responsibility for the care and future of our amazing planet.

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Andrew Geake 

Camborne Wesley Church

As a professional engineer with a wide background, I like to verify claims. My personal challenge is finding novel ways to avoid waste. I try to bring logical thinking and organisation to the team.

I see my role in the District as coordinating and encouraging others. My ideal is to see a Climate Change Advocate in each church to prompt people to think in non wasteful terms. Hopefully the ethos of caring for God’s creation will be taken by example to our families and the wider world.

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Creative Salad Ideas for the Veggie Lover

Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

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