Autumn Synod 2015 Inspires the Church

The Autumn Synod of the Cornwall Methodist District met on Saturday 5th September 2015. Rev Danny Reed was in the chair, standing in for the District Chair, Steven Wild, whilst he is the President of the Methodist Conference this year. Inspiring and thoughtful worship reminded us of our place in the worldwide Christian community as we heard about the work of … Read More

Churches Together in Cornwall

The Day Conferences will take place on: Saturday, 19 September in Shire Hall Bodmin – 10am start Thursday, 24 September in Truro Methodist Church – 10am start The conferences aim to bring together representatives from all the CT groups in Cornwall, to support their work, build their capacity in terms of governance and support their social action and outreach. A … Read More

Prayer Letter from the President August 2015

The President has written an update since Conference and included some photographs from his travels. You can download the Prayer letter, in PDF Format, by clicking on the icon: